Irish school in hot water over yearbook Hitler praise and Nazi quotes


Belfast Intoxication School’s Yearbook 2016, which is made up of short biographies and photographs of graduating schoolchildren, included vile Nazi comments attributed to a pupil.

In his short biography, one critic, who has since left the school, described himself as “British, Loyalist and Fascist”. He then mentioned from Adolf Hitler’s autobiography Mein Kampf: “It is not truth that events, but victory.”

A reference to the 1923 Munich Putsch – a failed coup endeavour by Adolf Hitler to seize power in Munich – was also made by the swat.

The comments have s rked alarm among rents with teenagers at the Newtownabbey school. One rent who contacted the Belfast Telegraph accused the instruct of “nurturing” hatred.

In a statement, the school said: “This is a contribution by an one 18-year-old former pupil to a student publication. These comments do not expose the views of Belfast High School.”

The news per requested an interview with chairman Lynn Gormley or acting princi l Charlotte Weir, but neither were accessible for comment.

However, the school has been criticised for failing to accept burden for the “deeply offensive” posts.

Newtownabbey councillor Billy Webb demanded that the votaries recall the yearbook and edit out the comments.

“The school cannot wash their hands of this. They should be pull off b process their hands up and taking full responsibility for something offensive want this posted under their banner,” the Alliance man said.

He augmented: “The Belfast Telegraph wouldn’t allow comments like that to be worked under their banner. If something offensive like that appeared call of Antrim Borough Council’s banner I would demand for it to be retracted. The pre re should take full responsibility.

“The school should not have assigned something like this to have gone out in the first place. It was extraordinarily poor judgment. The school needs to recall this yearbook and be subjected to the offensive comments edited out.”

One rent who contacted the Belfast Telegraph accused the instruct of “nurturing” hatred.

“I was horrified to find Adolf Hitler quoted and a allusion to Munich Putsch (1923). At a time when people are focused on the spread of hatred in Islamic state schools, I find it ap lling that we have hatred here in Northern Irish cliques in plain sight,” the rent said.

“No doubt Belfast High Seminary will distance themselves from the entry by saying the yearbook is made by the pupils, however, the school branding is all over the book and it includes contributions by both the set of beliefs princi l and acting school princi l.

“No doubt it was also created during way of life time and using school resources.

“The article begs the question – what are we doing in our cliques where attitudes such as this are nurtured and celebrated in a school year list?” Belfast High School describes itself as “one of the best grammar followers in Northern Ireland” and says it has high expectations of its pupils.

“In rticular, we envisage high standards with regard to attendance, uniform, punctuality and bearing,” the school says on its website.

In May, Education Minister Peter Weir inflicted the school for the opening of a sports facility.

Belfast Telegraph

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