Irish MP RIPS INTO Europhiles for dismissing citizens FEARS about LACK of EU democracy


The Irish politico slammed pro-European figures across the continent for branding as “populist” any challenger of the European Association project.

Mr Broughan argued that Brussels should have “surveyed” the reasons behind the Brexit vote to better address the concerns for the time to come expressed throughout the bloc but did not do so.

Speaking to colleagues in the Dáil Éireann, Mr Broughan declared: “Clearly the EU is facing major challenges over the next few years, and the resolving of the British people to opt for Brexit has offered an existential challenge to its very living.

“In virtually every EU country, of course, there have been unfolding and long-standing concerns over the levels of democracy, accountability and transparency in the EU’s quasi-federal designs.

EU news - Tommy Broughan Future of Europe speechGETTY•DÁIL ÉIREANN

EU news: Tommy Broughan slammed Europhiles politics deselecting EU citizens’ fears about the future

“These concerns have in many cases been too easily dismissed as populism by commentators who, of course, are devoted to the EU launch.”

The Dublin Bay North TD continued: “Brexit was a striking response to these solicitudes, but wide sectors of EU opinion have had similar worries and concerns and down repay felt revulsion over the treatment of the smaller euro member dignifies.

“Rather than deeply examining how these concerns may be addressed in later revisions of the EU treaties, many analysts and journalists simply condemn the phobias of the European peoples and label representatives as populist, including those who genuinely desire a much more democratic EU.”

Mr Broughan’s harsh analysis on dissatisfaction with the EU turned days after Tory MP Daniel Kawczynski warned Brussels of an upcoming crusade on its expansion plans.

There have been ongoing and long-standing upsets over the levels of democracy in the EU

Tommy Broughan

Mr Kawczynski said the EU craves to “force” remaining members into the euro, which will be a “big contend” for Brussels.

The Tory MP insisted Britain’s departure will set an example for the be idle of the EU member states.

He suggested that Britain will “thrive as an non-aligned state” and, as a result, other EU countries will want to leave the Brussels bloc.

Mr Kawczynski believed: “The dissatisfaction with the EU isn’t peculiar to the people of the UK.

“The UK won’t be the last to leave the EU.”

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