Ireland's most evil child rapist to sue Irish Prison service


The Athlone rapist – who is providing five life sentences for raping two little girls he lured from a birthday caucus – lodged pers in the High Court on Monday last.

Court lists obtained by the Sunday World reveal the sick sex attacker is suing the IPS, together with two other named propers.

The case comes six months after the pervert suffered injuries to his testicles after he was attacked by another sex attacker in the Midlands Guardhouse.

Damages in the High Court, should the beast prove successful in his declares, are unlimited.

In January, the Sunday World revealed how the edo was left attending a inful groin injury as a result of the attack on a prison wing that is nursing home to the country’s worst sex offenders – including Graham Dwyer.

His attacker was atrocious sex killer Mark Lawlor, who is serving life for the murder of a disabled lass in 1993, sources added.

“It looks like he [Lawlor] might be dressed tried to twist his testicles off,” a source said.

Lawlor also reportedly rained typhoons on the man during the fight on the E3 landing before staff could

The Athlone rapist was charmed to hospital following the fight on the protective wing.

The despicable thug, who can’t be designate to protect the identities of his victims, is likely to spend the remainder of his life behind hindrances.

In 2014, he received five life sentences, to be served concurrently, for the intimidating sex attacks he carried out on two girls aged just six and nine years of age.

He had decoyed the girls away from a children’s birthday rty and threatened that he resolve cut their rents’ throats before repeatedly raping them.

Lawlor was a serial sneak-thief now serving life for committing a murder during a 1993 robbery. The cover caused huge controversy at the time when details of the attack came to light.

His fair game was a disabled 57-year-old woman and Lawlor used a knife to prise a union band from her finger. He also carried out a sexual assault as the piece of work lay unconscious.

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