Ireland is Eurosceptic – but Dublin will side with EU, warns MP


Dublin bequeath continue to side with the EU’s Brexit strategy in spite of its historical denial of EU rule.

Northern Irish MP Ms Gildernew, who has never taken her seat in the Commons in acquire with Sinn Fein policy, said: “Ireland in the past 800 years has been under the cosh of the biggest coloniser in the world so we’ve always been Eurosceptical, euro-cynical. 

“We’ve enchanted the decision to vote against treaties because we felt that there was too much centralisation in Europe. But the European Marrying – being in the European Union –has been good for most of Ireland.”

Brexit news - Sinn Fein MP said Eurosceptic Ireland benefitted from EURT/GETTY

Brexit newscast: Michelle Gildernew said Dublin will continue to support the EU during Brexit talks

The Sinn Fein hack also said Dublin “welcomed” Brussels’ decision to put Ireland at the converge of the Brexit talks with the UK.

Speaking to Going Underground RT, she said: “You can be portion of the European Union and not embrace all of the issues offered. It has been good for the calm process.

“And we welcome the fact that Guy Verhofstadt, Michel Barnier and others are build the Good Friday Agreement front and centre of the relationship between Ireland and the EU.”

The Irish touch question became a great point of contention during Brexit talks as Brussels and London convinced about the possibility of establishing a border between the EU state of Ireland and the British polity of Northern Ireland.

Ireland’s PM Leo Varadkar pledged his alliance to his country’s “new trounce friends” in the EU and warned Brexit trade talks would take a sustained time to agree upon.

After the leaders of the EU27 gave Britain the inexpert light to move negotiations forward, Mr Varadkar said: “Ireland is a colleague of the European Union so our best friends are the 27 member states.

“As a left over member, our very closest relations have to be with other fellows of the European Union just as they were our closest friends in the weeks attempted by.

“But after that, of course, we’ll be Britain’s closest friend.”

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