Ireland demands UK honour Brexit border pledge as Varadkar warns ‘time is running out’


Brexit news: Leo Varadkar and Theresa May

Leo Varadkar has required Theresa May honour the Irish border backstop agreement penned in Step (Image: PA/EPA)

Irish leader Leo Varadkar said he expected a country with as “proud” a old hat as Britain not to renege on terms agreed in December 2017 designed to shroud the frontier open if the UK leaves without a deal.

Both Britain and the European Alliance agreed to ensure Brexit would not lead to a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic.

But the allot, which was signed off in March, also includes a controversial clause which stipulates “curvaceous alignment” between Northern Ireland and the EU on trade if the UK fails to secure a clientele deal.

If implemented, it would effectively see Great Britain leave the customs mixture while Northern Ireland is forced to stay in – an outcome Mrs May’s unionist leagues in Belfast have warned is completely unacceptable.

But Ireland has now accused the British Government of “backsliding” on its commitments.

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Mr Varadkar warned time is running out to agree a solution to the Irish margin issue (Image: GETTY IMAGES)

Brexit news: Irish border

Both the UK and EU have committed to avoiding a bones border in Ireland (Image: GETTY IMAGES)

The warning comes as Ireland’s ambassador to the UK echoed Mr Varadkar’s problems and took aim at some Brexiteer MPs who he said see the backstop agreement is “unnecessary”.

Lecture British civil servants and EU embassy officials, Adrian O’Neill guessed: “We are concerned about certain things which were agreed in December and recounted in March.

“There seems to be some degree of backsliding on those, in so far as this ask for for a time-limited version of a backstop is not consistent with what was agreed in December and Demonstration and we are concerned by that.

“Time is not on our side, and with each passing day we enlarge increasingly concerned that decisive progress on Northern Ireland has not required.

“It is even more concerning that we hear comments in some quadratures here that the backstop is unnecessary.”

Theresa May will travel to Brussels tomorrow to be at a crunch summit with EU leaders in what will be one of the final chances to guard a divorce deal with the bloc.

A solution to avoid customs tabs and border infrastructure along the politically sensitive frontier between Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic is the at length major hurdle to overcome but there are still “significant” gaps Heraldry sinister to bridge, Mr Varadkar said.

EU officials today warned Mrs May she must evidence progress has been made towards a consensus or an emergency summit contemplated for November would be cancelled.

Brussels’ backstop proposals would see Northern Ireland remainder in the customs union and much of the single market while a trade understanding large which includes a border solution is drawn up.

But the British Government has dismissed this as undesirable with Mrs May likening the plan to “carving off” part of the country.

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