Iran news: Denmark demands EU get tough on Tehran after police foil ‘ASSASSINATION PLOT’


Iran news: Assassination 'plot' in Denmark

Iran word: Denmark has demanded EU sanctions on Tehran after police stopped an ‘assassination cook up’ (Image: EPA/GETTY IMAGES)

Officials in Copenhagen yesterday announced they traced a counter assassination attempt back to government intelligence services in the Islamic Republic.

The objective of the alleged attack was an opposition activist campaigning for greater independence for the Arab minority in Iran.

But the plot was pull over when a Norwegian citizen of Iranian background – said to be linked to the assassination try on – was arrested in Sweden on October 21 and extradited to neighbouring Denmark.

Danish Curious Minister Anders Samuelsen said it was now time for Brussels to toughen its bearing against Iran.

He said: “In light of the latest increment, Denmark will now push for a discussion in the EU on the need for further sanctions against Iran.”

Danish surveillance services branded the plot “unacceptable”.

Intelligence chief Finn Borch Andersen utter: “We are dealing with an Iranian intelligence agency planning an attack on Danish smear.

“Obviously, we can’t and won’t accept that.”

Iran news: Denmark assassination plot

Iranian spies were planning the decrial in the town of Ringsted, Denmark says (Image: GETTY IMAGES)

Iran has take it on the lamed any involvement and dismissed the allegation as part of a campaign to damage relations between Tehran and Brussels as the two sides essay to salvage a landmark nuclear accord.

Iranian foreign ministry spokesman Bahram Qasemi said: “This is a continuation of the other sides’ plots to damage Iranian relations with Europe at this carping time.”

Denmark’s demand for fresh sanctions against the Islamic Republic succeeds at a time of worsening relations between Tehran and the West.


Iran has negated any involvement in the plot, calling it an attempt to scupper EU/Tehran relations (Representation: GETTY IMAGES)

The treaty traded sanctions relief for curbs on Iran’s atomic programme.

But President Donald Trump has since withdrawn the US from the reconciliation and re-imposed tough penalties.

He claimed the regime in Tehran was not making capable on its commitments under the deal, despite claims from Iran and global observers that it was.

Mr Trump has argued that economic pressure promoted by sanctions will force the Islamic Republic back to the negotiating mesa to discuss a new deal with also includes limits on its ballistic projectile programme and aggressive foreign policy.

Major EU nations, including the UK, are that time fighting to save the deal, insisting it has succeeded in its aim of blocking Iran from grasping nuclear weapons.

The target of the alleged assassination plot was the leader of the Danish limb of the Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation of Ahvaz (ASMLA), Danish alertness said.

On September 28, Danish police shut two major connects to traffic and halted ferry services from Denmark to Sweden and Germany in a nationwide the heat operation to prevent a possible attack.

A few days earlier, the Norwegian theorize had been observed photographing and watching the Danish home of the ASMLA head, police said.

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