Iran Air to buy 100 aircraft from Boeing

22 June 2016

Iran’s state-owned transmitter Iran Air has entered into a deal to buy 100 aircraft from US uninterrupted maker Boeing, marking a major step in US-Iran economic reports after sanctions were lifted on Tehran last year.

Potentially merit $25bn at list prices, the deal is yet to receive necessary approvals from the US and Iran Superintendences.

Once approved, Iran Air will purchase aircrafts mainly from the new formation of Boeing 737 and 777 type aircraft.

The 737 family of aircraft are single-aisle jets and typically old for flights of up to 5h, while, the 777 is a larger plane that can transport voyagers for 12h or beyond.

Boeing was quoted by BBC as saying: “Boeing will continue to see the lead of the US Government with regards to working with Iran’s airlines, and any and all acquires with Iran’s airlines will be contingent upon US Government like.”

However, Boeing has not disclosed further details of the deal.

“Boeing purposefulness continue to follow the lead of the US Government with regards to working with Iran’s airlines.”

With the edge, Iran’s civil aviation authority is planning to modernise its fleet by comprising between 400 and 500 aircraft over the next ten years.

In January, a detached deal was announced between French aeros ce firm Airbus and Iran Air and is hush waiting for approval from regulators in the US where a number of Airbus’ influences are manufactured.

The deal was for 118 new aircraft, reported Associated Press.

Iran has also kaput 20 aircraft from French-Italian aircraft maker ATR.

Image: Iran Air on purchase aircraft mainly from the new generation of Boeing 737 and 777 sort aircraft. Photo: courtesy of Boeing.

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