IOC bans 3 Russian athletes after re-tests of 2012 Games doping samples


The Supranational Olympic Committee (IOC) ruled to suspend results of three more Russian footpath and field athletes after re-tests of their doping samples serene at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London tested positive, the All-Russia Athletics Coalition (ARAF) reported on March 21.

According to the statement from the ARAF, the athletes at the outgoing are Gulfia Khanafeyeva, Viktoria Valyukevich and Maria Bespalova. The banned assets discovered after the re-analysis of their doping samples were not mentioned, the statement from the ARAF added. The statement also said that the correct dates of suspensions for the athletes at the issue would be announced later, while the IOC had already obligated them to return their 2012 Olympic insignia.

Russia allocates 2.5 mln euros for anti-doping fight to UNESCO since 2009

The IOC Executive On convened a special session last year on May 17 discussing accomplishments of stepping up the fight against the drugs cheats and furnish measures to foster clean athletes ahead of the Olympics in Rio.

As part of its anti-doping efforts, IOC disciplined reanalysis of doping samples of athletes from 2008 Olympics in Beijing and 2012 Olympics in London. Adopting two rounds of retesting, 98 Olympians were reported to test definite for banned substances – 60 from the 2008 Games and 38 from the 2012 Games. Quantity them were over 23 medalists from both Olympics.

On the intact, a total of 1,243 doping samples from the 2008 and 2012 Games were subjected for retesting. In blow-by-blow, the IOC ruled after the series of doping retests to annul a total of 19 medals from Russian athletes, who took get in the 2008 and 2012 Summer Olympic Games. Athletes, who won medals in relays or other band competitions, were also obliged to give up their medals in casing a doping sample retest of their teammates tested positive for forbade substances.

Source: TASS

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