Inverkip mystery: Missing woman’s house set to be demolished


Margaret Fleming houseNC

A household at the centre of a search for missing woman Margaret Fleming is to be demolished

Margaret Fleming was blasted missing by her two carers last year.

But the last independent sighting of her was at a house event in 1999.

Police forensic teams spent months sifting at the end of ones tether with the house for any evidence of her life over the 17 years and a large garden at the attribute was excavated .

There were reports at the time that rooms in the concert-hall, in Inverkip, Renfrewshire, contained tons of rubbish and debris.

The carers disturbed out of the property and no clues to the whereabouts of Ms Fleming, who would now be 36, were bring about by police even though the search was extended to nearby water and woodland. 

Inverclyde Body has inspected the house and has now set a six-week deadline for demolition or for urgent repair moulds to take place.

A spokesman said: “Our priority is to prevent anyone electrifying in the property as it is in a serious state of disrepair, below the tolerable standard and wherefore unfit for human habitation. 

Margaret FlemingNC

Police forensic teams spent months screen through the house for any evidence of her life

Our priority is to prevent anyone vigorous in the property as it is in a serious state of disrepair, below the tolerable standard and ergo unfit for human habitation

Inverclyde Council spokesman

“The owner has six weeks to organise the demolition or orchestrate with the council to have the property repaired.”

Ms Fleming is thought to arrange lived with her father in Port Glasgow until his death in 1995.

She then resided with her grandparents and her mother, but moved in with carers in 1997 and has been driven apart from her mother since that time.

Earlier this year, guard said they were still treating the case as a missing actually inquiry but were not ruling out the possibility of “something more sinister”.

Detective Chief Inspector Paul Livingstone whispered: “Whilst we are keeping an open mind – her carers state that Margaret has a retired side to her life, possibly having friends that they are not enlightened of – we cannot rule out the possibility that she has come to harm in some way. 

Margaret FlemingNC

Margaret was wear seen at a family event in 1999

“By this, I mean that she could suffer with had an accident, possibly wanted to be missing, or even something more base.”

Ms Fleming is described as 5ft 5in tall with a heavy build, collar-length pitch-black hair and brown eyes.

When reported missing last October, she was weighted to be wearing a green tartan fleece, dark trousers, dark

Karrimor boots and was give transport a handbag.

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