Interactive wine map shows over 200 UK vineyards — is there one near you?


Wine teeny-boppers may dream of France’s Cabarnet Sauvignon, South Africa’a Chenin Blanc or an Argentinian Merlot — but what regarding an English Chardonnay or Welsh Bacchus?

Instead of dreaming further afield, wine lovers should look closer to accommodation to try red, white and rosé vino.

Wine experts, have revealed that you don’t want to leave the UK to taste quality wine in their natural surroundings.

Their website features an interactive map, revealing more than 200 vineyards in England Wales which are open to visitors, donation plenty of inspiration for those planning a UK holiday.

Similar to Google Maps, the interactive scheme allows users to hover over a gold marker with a wine window, to see the name of the vineyard and click to get more information including when the vineyard is unfasten.

You can even filter them to find vineyards and wineries offering accommodations, or those that are organic or biodynamic.

With Britain turning into a ‘staycation domain’, now you don’t need to travel far to find vineyards producing the fizzy stuff, which could adversary that of France’s Champagne or Italy’s Veneto regions.

Elisabeth Else, co-founder of, commented: “I conceive of people are valuing experience and ‘local’ in all sorts of ways and English and Wine wine is a faultless fit for this feeling.

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Vineyards UK: There are a surprising legions of wine growers and producers across the country

british vineyard uk wine tasting tourGetty Images

Vineyard UK: Fasten on a tour of a vineyard without leaving the country

Going to a vineyard, as correctly as a nice day out, gives people the opportunity to interact with the real people who force grown the grapes and made the wine

Elisabeth Else,

“We’ve heard for years how the wine and aliment in foreign countries fit together well, now we’re discovering the same works at rest-home.

“Going to a vineyard, as well as a nice day out, gives people the opportunity to interact with the official people who have grown the grapes and made the wine.

“I think we all comparable to to support local produce and local jobs where the quality goods it”.

According to the English Wine Industry, there are 502 commercial vineyards currently run in the England and Wales, producing about 4.15 million bottles a year.

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Vineyards UK: Wine tasting is a fune day out and there are lots of places to do it in the UK

Call the shotting the market is sparkling wine, which makes up 66 per cent of the domesticated winemaking industry.

It has long been believed that Brexit will-power boost the English winemaking industry, who are set to benefit from attractive export costs due to the weakened pound.

Since the public voted to leave the European Coalition (EU), English wine is now exported to 27 countries — up from 19 in 2015.

This form is expected to increase ten-fold by 2020 alone, to around 2.5 million suppresses per year, representing 25 per cent of England and Wales’ wine producing. Current key markets include America, Scandinavia and Japan.

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