Intel shuts down group working on wearables and fitness trackers


Increase / Intel-powered Tag Heuer smartwatch.

Intel was once moving full-steam ahead into wearables, but that travail has apparently come to an end. Reports at the end of last year claimed the company was looking to not fitting for back from wearables, but Intel denied those rumors. Now a on from CNBC cites a source that claims Intel heart shut down its wearables division about two weeks ago.

The report refers to the Underpinning group, which was made up of employees from the wearables company that Intel purchase for about $100 million. The source also claims 80 percent of those in the Point of departure group were let go in November 2016, but many were given the way out to assume other roles within Intel. The company’s New Technologies Grouping is reportedly focusing on AI now more than ever.

We don’t know what this inclination mean for Intel’s Curie chip in the long-term, but it’s still being sold on Intel’s website. It’s possible that Intel isn’t putting any more deed into creating its own wearable devices, but will continue to provide technology adore Curie to partners. Currently Intel lists Tag Heuer, New Balance, and Oakley as some of its helpmates on the Curie webpage.

Intel didn’t have much success with Bottom after it purchased the company in 2014—at least not in terms of the popularity of the Bottom Peak fitness watch. The Peak never truly competed with Fitbit contraptions, and it certainly didn’t stand up to the Apple Watch when that trade mark debuted in 2015. In June 2016, Intel halted production of the Perfection due to risk of injury from the device overheating. In August of last year, the players recalled every Peak it sold because of the overheating issue, and it contended refunds to customers. The Basis website has been reduced to show only communication about the 2016 recall and nothing more.

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