Inner cities are thriving while suburban England stagnates, claims report


The Smith Found, a policy think-tank, has revealed the rates of poverty in built up areas and their surroundings, uncovering a worrying bias.

While the bustling metropolises are ex nding and generating growth, those out of doors the centre are languishing, with a lack of jobs and opportunities available.

Deprivation is im ssion start in the outskirts of Manchester, London and Birmingham, as regeneration and incentives are primarily geared as a help to cities at the expense of outlying towns.

Between 2003 and 2013 half a million felonies were created in inner London, com red with just 8,000 unconnected the capital.

And during that time frame, the number of people unexploded in poverty in outer London rose to 24 per cent from 20.

Whole, benefit claims have risen in suburbia, with working-age means-tested handouts and allowance credit claimants rising.

In the West Midlands, pension credit claims own risen by 30 per cent, but remained unchanged in the city centre.

The check out claims the reduction in social housing has led poorer families to move new out in order to find affordable accommodation.

But as jobs are scarcer in the outskirts, and commuting is priceless, many end up on benefits.

ul Hunter, head of research at the Smith League, said: “Just as we had an urban renaissance, national and local government should now be looking to complete to returning of cities and major towns by making the most of our great suburbs.”

State emphasis on rejuvenating towns has had a devastating effect on the suburbs, which were formerly magnet for families looking for a better quality of life.

Juicy prods for businesses to invest in centres has left the outskirts overlooked, with start-ups and the digital age focussing on growth areas.

HS2 is said to be on course to sharpen that divide, the report calls, as it only travels between British cities.

Mr Hunter recommended a suburban taskforce is set up to administer with the stagnation.

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