Inmate fell asleep on toilet while excreting €8k worth of gear after communion


Eoin Daly (30) scuttled over €8,000 worth of heroin and cocaine and smuggled it back into Cloverhill after be ating his son’s communion.

Daly, who is currently in Portlaoise Prison, pleaded guilty to one judge of possessing heroin for sale or supply and one count of possessing cocaine on May 10, 2015. He ordain be sentenced next month.

Dublin Circuit Criminal Court informed entertained that Daly, a drug addict, was on remand in Cloverhill Prison for a burglary wrongdoing when he was granted com ssionate bail to attend the communion.

Detective Garda Stephen Cullen signified when Daly returned to the prison, he was placed in an observation cell. He was later institute asleep on the toilet with a ckage between his legs. The ckage in heroin with a street value of €7350 and cocaine with a road value of €787.

“He ingested those drugs that were subsequently recaptured,” Gda Cullen said. “He swallowed them and then ssed them out.”

The detective garda declared “serious threats” were made against Daly to bring the treats into the prison once word got out that he had been granted com ssionate scram.

Gda Cullen said Daly was asked to name who had made threats against him. “He wouldn’t style names for safety reasons,” Gda Cullen said.

Judge trick McCartan eminent Daly had an “ap lling” criminal record. He has 32 previous convictions and is currently gratifying a five-and-a-half year sentence for carrying out a number of burglaries. He is due to be released next April.

The consider read a letter from Daly, which indicated he was rehabilitating from medicaments and wanted to change his life.

“I’m impressed with what you said in your the classics,” the judge told Daly. “Your record is ap lling. You’re given to ssion, robbing and you go to whatever ends you can to feed your habit. You tell me you’re now drug-free. We’ll see.”

Connoisseur McCartan said Daly was facing a “significant term of imprisonment”. How he said he would order a probation services report and drug probe before making a final decision.

The matter will return to court on July 28.

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