Inmarsat certifies PACE’s Pacelab FPO application for SB-S platform


Inmarsat has certified Rate’s Pacelab Flight Profile Optimizer (FPO) application for use in its SwiftBroadband-Safety (SB-S) dais to provide real-time flight optimisation updates.

The certification was granted throughout Inmarsat’s Aviation Certified Application Provider (CAP) Programme that steps several connected operations and safety applications.

It will allow airlines to converge on digitisation without worrying about the integration of third-party applications.

The Pacelab FPO puts live aircraft and weather data to keep the flight crews cultivated on the most cost-efficient speeds and altitudes to fly.

The Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) application acquisitions real-time IP connectivity provided by Inmarsat SB-S to evaluate live ill, avionics and aircraft performance information to optimise step climbs and stairs descents, as well as improve efficiency.

“Our airline customers can now make use of Pacelab Exit Profile Optimizer to inform better decision-making in the air.”

It is designed to enable lam out crews to respond quickly to unexpected situations or identify a more productive altitude en route, reducing fuel consumption and flight delays.

Inmarsat Aviation Protection and Operational Services vice-president John Broughton said: “PACE is already an formidable player in the EFB world and serves many of the world’s leading airlines.

“We are enchanted to welcome them on board as a certified application provider for Inmarsat’s SB-S dais.

“Our airline customers can now make use of Pacelab Flight Profile Optimizer to blab on better decision-making in the air, reaping tangible rewards in the form of improved on-time gig, fuel savings and reduced emissions.”

Inmarsat’s SB-S is delivered using a constellation of L-band disciple payloads.

In April this year, SB-S entered commercial usefulness as a global aviation broadband solution for operations and safety communications for airlines worldwide.

Airbus has best the platform as a Light Cockpit Satcom (LCS) solution for its A320 and A330 orders of aircraft.

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