INLA offer to whack 'flat-cap' Regency gunman

Wednesday 23rd Cortege 2016
The so-called 'flat-cap' shooter

The so-called ‘flat-cap’ shooter

The terror group’s Dublin brigade has long-term tie-ins to a number of members of the S nish-based mob based in the capital.

The group have uncommonly close links to gang member ul Rice and act as “muscle” for the misdemeanour boss in the Tallaght area.

Gardai have previously stopped Rice in a car being constrained by INLA man ul ‘Jaws’ Kelly, who is believed to have been performing as his driver/bodyguard.

However, the Sunday World can reveal that INLA colleagues based in the border area are offering their services to the Kinahan pharmaceutical cartel to kill the ‘flat-cap’ dissident gunman.

The 46-year-old, whose personality is known to this news per, was snapped by a Sunday World photographer scarpering from the waste scene at the Regency Hotel with a pistol in his hand.

His identity is imagined to be well-known to underworld figures, and the INLA are banking on the Kinahans ying a brawny price for his execution.

The Sunday World can reveal that two men from the Strabane district, who were responsible for the murder of Brian McGlynn in Derry in 2007, experience been handpicked as the potential guns for hire.

The deadly duo murdered 28-year-old McGlynn, a intrinsic of Strabane, accusing him of drug dealing under the name of the INLA.

They contain also been previously involved in a gun attack in Dublin four years ago, charter rent out by a criminal gang.

“These boys are well known in the criminal wonderful, they have been hired before for jobs. From what I recall, there has already been contact with the Kinahan gang. Guarantee has been sent that they are for hire,” a well-placed well-spring said.

The Sunday World can also reveal that the planned hit is rticular, stemming from a punishment shooting on a man with INLA links, broadcasted out by Flat Cap and an accomplice.

“The INLA hate him and it has been going a long in good time dawdle. He was responsible for a botched punishment shooting of one of their own and that has not been omitted; the cash is an added bonus,” he revealed.

The gunman has been current at his home in Tyrone since the shooting at a boxing weigh-in in North Dublin. He was for the sake of of a six-man gang who stormed the hotel looking to kill gangsters Daniel and Christopher Jnr Kinahan on the pronouncements of the Hutch faction.

However, the hit squad arrived too late and the Kinahan fellow-men had left the room.

Gang member David Byrne was gunned down annoying to flee the hotel through reception.

The ‘Flat Cap’ gunman was snapped de rture the hotel alongside another accomplice who was dressed as a woman.

They split in a van with the four other gunmen who were dressed as a Garda Exigency Response Unit.

Flat Cap then made his way back north by bus and was modeled earlier this week walking through the streets of his home community using a walking stick.

This week, underworld enforcer ul Rice was on guarded his life was in danger by gardai.

ul Rice

However, a source has showed that Rice was also fearful that members of the Kinahan cartel resolution turn on him.

The Tallaght mobster has retained links to the cartel but sources say he has been uneasy since his shut l Gerard ‘Hatchet’ Kavanagh was shot dead in S in in 2014, followed by his l ul Kavanagh in Dublin last year.

Rice attended the entombment of David Byrne, who was shot dead in the Regency Hotel shooting, but a begetter said that he was not greeted with open arms by other chief gang members.

“A lot of them were very stand-offish with him. He is unequivocally feeling under pressure and fears some members of the cartel at ones desire turn on him.”

Rice spent time living in S in where he and ‘Hatchet’ Kavanagh were suspected of involvement in unceasing a drug importation business.

He later returned to Ireland and both he and ‘Hatchet’ were credence ined to have been involved in collecting debts for the cartel.

However, rtialities have not been the same for Rice since Hatchet’s murder and the following killing of his brother ul.

“There are some members of the cartel he wouldn’t get along with and he’s watchful that they’d turn on him. It’s certainly not one big happy group,” bid a source.

Rice is believed to have spent time abroad buttress the Kavanagh murders but has been back in Ireland for some time.

There were intimations he was no longer working with the Kinahan cartel following those slaughters but sources said he is still in contact with them.

“He’s still rendezvous with them but he’s ranoid about some of those involved and they’re not perfectly doing anything to ease that ranoia,” said a provenance.

Several associates of the cartel remained in Ireland this week subsuming Freddie Thompson, Liam Byrne, Liam Roe, Greg Lynch and Sean McGovern but the Kinahans are no longer in the sticks.

Daniel Kinahan has flown in and out of Dublin a number of times since the Regency hurt and has spent time in the UK, S in and other rts of Europe when not in Ireland.

Safeguarding sources say things remain tense as gardai fear further attacks in the gangland war between the Kinahan cartel and associates of the Hutch offspring. “Things are quiet but tense. Nobody is under any illusions that there is a genuine likelihood of further murder attempts.”

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