Indian presidential election: Counting of votes for presidential race begins


Meira Kumar (L) and Ram Nath Kovind (R)EPA/REUTERS

Presidential possibilities Meira Kumar (L) and Ram Nath Kovind (R)

Some 4,800 members of parliament and aver assemblies cast votes this week to choose between Mr Kovind and Meira Kumar, a preceding speaker backed by the main opposition Congress party as the 14th president. 

Controlled by the constitution, the prime minister and his cabinet colleagues wield executive power and the president detritus above the fray. 

But the president has a key role during political crises, such as when a non-specialized election is inconclusive, by deciding which party is in the best position to produce a government. 

Ballots counted for the presidential electionEPA

Some 4,800 members of parliament and state assemblies shape votes this week

Shekhar Gupta, a political commentator said Mr Kovind, 72, a low-caste Dalit stateswoman, had maintained a low-profile through his public career, a quality valued by Prime Vicar Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-led government.

I characteristic the Indian constitution and no political interest can be above the rule enshrined in the sovereignty book

Ram Nath Kovind

“Kovind will not be an irritant for the Modi guidance that works with sense of total power, they don’t enter any distraction to their plans.” 

Some presidents, such as the current prescribed, Pranab Mukherjee, have tried to act as conscience-keepers, using their constitutional police as the head of state to defend EPA

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi (C) after cast his vote

Modi, himself, was associated early on with the RSS that has extensive propagated a Hindu-first India.

Mr Kovind’s victory would cap a series of top appointments Modi has persuaded, strengthening the grip of the Hindu right on public offices, such as governors, structure chief ministers and the heads of universities. 

Mr Kovind said he was committed to the constitution, with India a laical democratic republic. 

“I respect the Indian constitution and no political interest can be beyond everything the rule enshrined in the rule book,” Mr Kovind said. 

The opposition’s Mrs Kumar, also a Dalit, communicated her candidacy aimed to fight the ideology Mr Kovind represents. 

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