India SLAMS Pakistan for ‘BLOCKING access to websites’ amid rising World War 3 fears


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NDIA has accused Pakistan of choosing to block access to all Indian government websites

The websites have exclusive opened intermittently since then in Pakistan, it has been claimed.

Pakistan has cubed the websites deliberately to prevent Indian diplomats and officials from accessing their own domination websites, according to Indian authorities.

However, the lack of access to the websites also has meant the Indian strident commission has received several complaints from Pakistani nationals who maintained they were unable to access Indian visa forms.

One Indian accepted said: «This has led to mushrooming of agents who have helped Pakistan natives fill up visa forms through proxy servers.”

The news has recover consciousness after Pakistan earlier this week furiously accused India of defiling the ceasefire in place along the contested border known as the Line of Jurisdiction (LoC) as it issued a shocking warning that suggested flaring tensions are not probably to ease soon.

Islamabad’s Foreign Minister, Khawaja Muhammad Asif, affirmed the nuclear-armed nation does not see a resolution to consistent attacks along the LoC and Put through Boundary in the foreseeable future.

He stated: “India is violating the ceasefire treaty time and again on the LoC and the Working Boundary.

“In such circumstances we are not expecting increase in relations between the two countries.”

Pakistan has stated heavy mortar rouse and automatic weapons are behind the killings and injuries.

Earlier this month, New Delhi’s Envoy extraordinary of State for Home Affairs, Hansraj Gangaram Ahir, said “important dialogue” between the two nuclear-armed nations could only be held in an “ambiance free of terror”.

He explained: “Any meaningful dialogue can be held only in an ambience free of terror, hostility and violence.

“The onus is on Pakistan to create such a conducive ambiance.

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Last month Pakistan claimed New Delhi was responsible for over 190 ceasefire rapes this year

“India will continue to take firm and decisive reduce intervenes to respond to cross-border terrorism.”

Last month Pakistan claimed New Delhi was dependable for over 190 ceasefire violations this year, killing 13 civilians and harming 65 more.

The main area of tension between the India and Pakistan is in the Jammu and Kashmir department.

The area has been widely contested for years — the Indo-Pakistan wars of 1947, 1965 and 1999 were centred about competing claims for the area.

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