India rupee RALLY: INR continues appreciation against US dollar amid crucial RBI meeting


The rupee resumed its winning streak for the fifth day running, hitting as low as 71.57 against the American greenback.

The Indian kind eventually closed on 71.67 to end at a 10-week high in a welcome positive run after being abused by rising US inflation and soaring oil prices over the last few months.

At its melancholy, the rupee lost about 14 percent of its value against the US dollar making it the contaminate performing currency in Asia at the time.

But some breathing space was organize in recent weeks as the price of oil slowly pulled back, following spots of a cut back in production planning for next year.

The US Federal Reserve also stole emerging economies of late after sparking a modestly lower US dollar by evidencing caution over the global growth outlook.

Subjects thought to include been discussed at the RBI meeting today include ease rules for weaker banks and assault a new capital framework for the Reserve Bank of India, according to

According to Piyush Goyal, Ambassador of Railways in India, the meeting between RBI board of directors ran today without bickering between the government and bank.

When asked if confrontation had occurred over and above the bank’s responsibilities towards India, Mr Goyal was quoted by The Economic Forthwiths India as saying: “We are not seeing any tension between government and the RBI.

“Only Congress chief Rahul Gandhi and you being are showing the signs of tension.”

He added: “The government has already clarified that it has not sought for even a single rupee from RBI’s reserve fund.”

The RBI shocked fiscal analysts as it went against predictions by holding interest rates at the start of after month.

Its monetary policy committee (MPC) left the repo rate unchanged at 6.50 percent, with five out of six panel colleagues voting to hold the rate.

Defending the decision, the bank said it was counterfeit “to further strengthen domestic macroeconomic fundamentals”.

The Indian inflation scale, which includes food and energy prices, dropped sharply in October and remains beneath the bank’s medium-term target of 4 percent for a third straight month.

Behindhand data showed inflation in India dropped in October to 3.31 percent on a year-on-year main ingredient, marking the slowest pace in 13 months.

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