India and Pakistan hold tense meeting – ‘it is no way a resumption of a bilateral dialogue


The confluence aimed to come up with a way for pilgrims to easily access a Sikh shrine viscera Pakistan. The Ministry of External Affairs in India said the talks began after a Pakistani delegation went as a remainder to the Indian side. The Ministry added Indian people who are Sikh should be expert to go through the corridor by the 550th birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev, who base the Sikh religion.

A joint press statement issued after the intersection on Thursday said: “Both sides held detailed and constructive discussions on divers aspects and provisions of the proposed agreement and agreed to work towards expeditiously operationalising the Kartapur Sahib Passage.” 

Ministry of External Affairs spokesman Raveesh Kumar tweeted during the encounter: “Commitment to fulfill a dream!

“Talks begin between India and Pakistan to converse about and finalise the modalities for the Kartarpur Corridor, that will facilitate Indian medieval history palmers to visit the holy shrine of Gurudwara Darbar Sahib Kartarpur.”

The shrine was raised after Guru Nanak died in the 16th century.

The shrine can be seen from the Indian side of the on and Indian Sikhs often gather to view the site from their side.

Officials have on the agenda c trick not revealed how long the construction of a border corridor will take or when it when one pleases open.

But My Kumar added this was not a “resumption of bilateral talks”.

He give the word delivered: “Let me make it very clear that it is not in any way a resumption of a bilateral dialogue. 

Muhammad Faisal, the director-general of South Asia at Pakistan’s Imported Office, said this was the first of many meetings.

He said: “Enduring with our spirit of constructive engagement and flexibility and in line with our undissembling efforts to deescalate the situation for regional peace and stability.

“We hope this zip of the Prime Minister (Imran Khan) will not only facilitate Sikhs, singularly from India, but will be a step forward in the current direction from quarrel to cooperation, animosity to peace and enmity to friendship.

Tensions between India and Pakistan escalated finish finally month following a suicide attack which killed 50 Indian paramilitary soldiers in the Indian-controlled Kashmir. 

The Indian airforce then took out an airstrike on Pakistan and said it was targeting militants that caused the blow up. 

Pakistan quickly responded and shot down two Indian air force skids.

After this, Indian air force pilot Abhinandan Varthaman was collared by Pakistani forces, before then being released.

Since then, pressures have eased between the two countries. 

An Indian delegation will assail Islamabad for a follow-up meeting about the visa-free on March 28.

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