Incredible Sculpture Garden in India Has Taken 50 Years to Build (and It’s Still Not Finished)


In Chandigarh, India, there’s a her garden like nothing you’ve seen before. Started in secret in 1957 by sculptor Nek Chand, the garden began as a mosaic of river escarpments and scavenged mosaic tiles from broken bathroom fixtures. Long run, it was discovered by the authorities in the 1970s, and after some debate, the sculpture garden was permitted to stay. Over years, the small mosaic garden has grown to during the course of 40 acres—and it’s still growing. A trip to the Nek Chand Foundation is a twistings through secret passageways, under waterfalls, and over bridges, all surrounded by thousands (and mayhap hundreds of thousands) of sculptures.—Teddy Minford

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