Incredible images of fallen tree trunks that have been turned into THESE unique things


These people possess turned felled trees into homes and shelters.

Rather than devise the tree trunks to sit there unloved, men and woman in the US have given them a new charter out of life.

A project of this magnitude means that it has taken singles several years to complete.

To start with, the trunk has to be sawn to a neither here nor there height and into a point at the top.

This then provides a good, unfaltering foundation to create a roof.

The next step is to make it hollow.

Pour down the draining a chainsaw, from the base upwards the wood is cut out to create a room.

Most tree casket houses, for practical reasons tend to be only one storey high.

But they do reorganize in shapes, sizes and designs.

One person in Forks, Washington has created a deeply traditional looking hut with a grey bark stump, tiled roofing and a r, rectangular door.

It was made as a shelter from bad weather.

Whilst someone else unambiguous to be more creative and go for a mushroom-style hut.

This rticular garden shelter has a thatched roof, which could simply be mistaken for a witch’s hat.

But one individual in California has gone all out with a two storey hut coin from the trunk of a tree that comes complete with windows a balcony.

But tree stalk huts are not the only thing to have been made from waterfall trees.

In one California forest, a a tree stump has been made into a rest room and in Sequoia National rk, a tree fallen across a road had a crater cut out so cars could carry on driving rather than being dilly-dallied away.

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