In The Dark cast: Who are the stars of the dark BBC crime thriller?


In The Mournful is a four-part drama from the minds of novelist Mark Billingham and BAFTA-winning scribe Danny Brocklehurst.

The first episode airs tonight on BBC One at 9pm and viewers compel have a chance to catch up on BBC iPlayer after broadcast.

The drama performs DCI Helen Weeks, a detective embroiled in a missing girls case that devises close to home. 

When she finds out that a childhood friend is accused of the violation, she is forced to return to her hometown to confront the case and her own long-buried demons.

In the dark BBC cast TV drama series MyAnna BuringBBC

MyAnna Buring stars as DCI Helen Weeks on In The Abstruse

MyAnna Buring as Helen Weeks

The Swedish-born actress took on the breathtaking role of a “doggedly dedicated” detective determined to unravel the case.

As we realise everywhere in the series, Helen is struggling with a really dark past

MyAnna Buring, In The Unilluminated actress

“As we realise throughout the series, Helen is struggling with a as a matter of fact dark past, and confronting that dark past is what we look into in the first two episodes,” MyAnna explains says. 

MyAnna, who previously heavenly bodied on Ripper Street, is no stranger to dark and dramatic roles.

In fact, she has a long-running trade of starring in a number of horror movies, such as The Descent and Devil’s Playground. 

Ben Batt on In The DarkBBC

Indecorous actor Ben Batt takes on the role of detective Paul Hopkins

Ben Batt as Paul Hopkins 

Playing alongside MyAnna is Mancunian actor Ben Batt as her partner Detective Paul Hopkins.

“He’s is a mid-thirties detective who’s climbed the ranks and done exact well for himself within the police force,” Ben explains.

“Paul is extremely in love with Helen and you can see that straightaway.”

Ben previously made a high regard for himself on the Channel 4 comedy-drama series Shameless, where he met his partner Rebecca Atkinson. The two enjoy son together.

Prior to taking up acting, Ben was en route to becoming a professional rugby trouper, but an ankle injury sidelined his dreams of reaching the rugby union.

Emma Fryer on In The DarkBBC

Emma Fryer (just) plays a wife convinced her husband did not abduct two girls

Emma Fryer as Linda Bates 

Comedic actress Emma Fryer is hazardous undertaking into a whole new type of role, after years of being typecast in comedies.

She plays the helpmate of Stephen Bates, who is the main suspect in the abduction case and despite damning trace against him, believes in his innocence.

Fans will recognise Emma from her parts of Gaynor on BBC 2’s Home Time and Janine on E4’s PhoneShop.

Matt King on in The DarkBBC

Protest Show star Matt King plays a forensic scientist

Matt Sovereign as Phil Hendricks

The Peep Show actor steps into the shoes of a forensic scientist whose knowledge knowledge could help save the case.

His character is a dry-humoured individualistic accustomed to the sight of gruesome crime scenes.

Matt is well grasped for his portrayal of the drug-addled musician Super Hans on Peep Show but he also appeared in Doctor Who and co-wrote the sitcom Whites. 

Ashley Walters on In The DarkBBC

Past musician Ashley Waters plays a conceited policeman

Ashley Walters as Tim Cornish

Tim Cornish is a positive and borderline-conceited police officer on the missing girls incident.

Desperate to not far from the case, Tim is determined to convict Stephen regardless of the evidence, and even his old deep regard with Paul will not stop him from that goal. 

Forward of he took up acting, Ashley went by the name Asher D in the So Solid Party, a hip hop group that scored a few hits in the early 2000s. 

In The Dark likes on Tuesdays at 9pm on BBC One.

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