‘In deep denial!’ Juncker to declare ‘European crisis OVER’ in affront against Brexit


Jean-Claude Juncker is set to foretell recent crises which have hit the European project are over at the EU’s Situation of the Union address, according to Yanis Varoufakis.

The former Greek holdings minister, who went head-to-head with the EU elite during his country’s accountability crisis, said the European Commission President is in «dangerous denial».

In a harsh speech, at an event called ‘The Real State of the Union’ in Brussels, Mr Varoufakis damned the EU bureaucrats as ignorant of the «crumbling bloc» around them.

He told the thrust in Belgium: «Just like in Greece, the EU will continue to unleash coups all settled Europe. Banks, not tanks, to overturn democracy and take power. 

«In a few periods from now, Juncker, President of the European Commission, will deliver the annual federal of the union address in Strasbourg. 

«In his speech, he will celebrate rising receipts, falling house prices, rising share prices. He will publish the end to Europe’s crisis.

«This, coming from the man who said when the customary gets tough, politicians like him have to get lying. So the crisis is reasonable getting worse, right?»

Mr Varoufakis warned that this sanctification in Brussels will soon be cut short, as rifts continue to break to the European bloc — and Mr Juncker is to blame. 

The Greek economist pointed out that French President Emmanuel Macron portended to dismantle the EU if he does not get the chance to overhaul the bloc.

Although Mr Macron «prevented the jobs» of Mr Juncker and the Brussels elite, Mr Varoufakis said that they wish reject any request to «rebuild» the European project. 

He said: «Either Juncker and his observations are justified, or Macron’s warnings are valid.

«Either the crisis is over, or it when one pleases consume Europe. They can’t both be right. 

«Juncker is carrying on a European habit of living in deep denial, that he sits on a rotten political work.» 

Earlier this week, Mr Varoufakis advised Theresa May to «bypass» Michel Barnier to get Brexit talks reject on track.

He said that Mr Barnier had no mandate to negotiate on behalf of the EU. 

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