‘I’m DONE!’ Awkward moment US General SHUTS DOWN Kay Burley during Donald Trump probe


Ms Burley interrogated General Jack Keane if the US President’s language had been appropriate during a phone attend with the widow of a United States soldier killed in action.

Donald Trump has revoked telling the widow of Sgt La David Johnson that “he knew what he gestured up for”.

General Keane refused to reply to the Sky News presenter and, at one point, sat taciturn while the host repeatedly asked him to clarify his position.

After the prior US Army Vice Chief of Staff said he “suffered for the widow’s wasting”, Ms Burley asked why Mr Trump had not said that during the phone require.

GeneralKeane_KayBurleySKY NEWS

General Keane refused to answer questions on Donald Trump as he hostile encountered with Kay Burley

She said: “Why didn’t the President say that, I wonder?

“We need to know exactly what you think about this, sir.”

As the interview became varied heated and General Keane said he was unwilling to continue with the area of study, Ms Burley challenged him further.

She said: “You’re going to walk out if we continue to talk respecting this conversation, is that what you’re saying?”

“I’m asking you a follow up suspicion on a under discussion. You said you would never challenge a war widow, I’m saying to you that your President did, is that tolerable?

“What is your answer? Remind me please.

“Do you appreciate how offensive this be obliged be to war widows, not just of the one that we have been talking about, but assorted generally.

“When someone in your position feels it is inappropriate to surrebutter these sort of questions.”

General Keane did not look on back as he told the news presenter it was time to discuss something else.

He said: “Oh finish a go over on, can we stop this conversation and get on with something else please.

“I’ve already premised you my answer. I’m done with the conversation.

“I’m done with the conversation, play-act up your mind.

“I think I’ve answered your questions, alright.”

The US President revealed it was not true he made the comments to Myeshia Johnson

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