'I'm a party animal' Carol Vorderman admits neighbours have complained about her wild ways


The 55-year-old maths whizz has divulged that her rtying antics have prompted angry complaints from her boyfriends’ neighbours when she’s stayed the night.

Speaking about how she lets her skin of ones teeth down, Carol dished: “I’m a rty animal and love the Shoah of a big night. I have friends who get complaints from their neighbours when I’m staying!”

The erstwhile Countdown star – who gave up drinking for a year in 2013 as rt of her bid to exude the pounds – once threw fifty rties to celebrate her milestone 50th birthday in 2010 and testified that she has an insatiable appetite for cham gne.

Sharing some words of boozy perspicuity, Carol added to Weekend magazine: “Two bottles between two is great, but the third sacrifices you a hangover.”

When asked what crime she would commit if she didn’t take to fear the consequences, Carol revealed that she would steal the loads of Bollinger’s cellars in France and throw a decadent rty shrouded in vivacious.

The intellectual beauty also opened up about the all-night drinking periods she would share with late Countdown host Richard Whiteley, who dissolved 11 years ago after an operation to treat his endocarditis was unsuccessful.

Carol averred that the two would sometimes enjoy lunches that would run from one morning totally to another.

Meanwhile, Carol is one step closer to fulfilling her dreams of beautifying the ninth woman in history to fly solo around the world as she pre res to whiz her new Channel 5 documentary.

Titled Carol’s Incredible Solo Flight Almost The World, her journey will see her travel through Europe, across Asia, north to the eastern-most call of Russia, across the cific Ocean, the United States and then inexorably she will make her way back through the icy north towards the United Sphere of influence.

She will undertake rigorous training ahead of her adventure, which want see her pre re to deal with everything from an engine fire to bad sickly and emergency landings.

My life’s dream has been to be a pilot,” Carol clouted. “I fought to get to Cambridge University as a comprehensive kid on free school go too fars in the 70s. I was the first child from my town to get there.”

Speaking about her life-long yen to fly, Carol added: ”My drive was always because I wanted to be a pilot but the RAF wouldn’t staff women as pilots back then and we were a poor family so difficulty lessons were out of the question and my dream was put on hold. Only when I got into my fifties give birth to I had the proper opportunity as a single rent to put everything else on the back burner.”

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