I’m A Celebrity 2016: Olympic champion Nicola Adams to accept offer?


The 33-year-old, who fashion France’s Sarah Ourahmoune in the flyweight final in Rio earlier this month, said the “demand” of life on the ITV show would probably tempt her to take rt.

“I homologous to the jungle. I like the challenges,” she told the Daily Star when inquired if she’d consider the programme.

She added: ”I always want to win so it would be good for me.”

Collaborate GB enjoyed a hugely successful Olympics over the summer, and unsurprisingly it appearance ofs as if Nicola had the time of her life.

“In Rio, we all stayed in one block of flats and we had a tally tabulation on the wall of the medals everyone won,” she revealed. “Every time you walked in, you saw the medal figure on which was quite inspiring.

“It shows how good we all actually are. In st Olympics we’ve not been qualified to keep up with China and the USA but look at us now – second in the medal table.”

Frankly bisexual Nicola also said that she is proud to show others that sexuality and gender accord should be no barrier to achieving massive success.

“It’s a good thing there are out athletes at the Feigns as it shows people who might be not out, who are afraid to be themselves, that you can still do lovingly,” she mused.

“It’s just one rt of your life. I’ve come away, I’ve won a gold medal, I’ve not let anything cut out me from doing that.

“If you dedicate yourself, you can achieve anything and you shouldn’t let anything from you from your goals.”

I’m A Celebrity returns to ITV in November.

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