ILS launches Hispasat’s Amazonas 5 satellite into space


Intercontinental Launch Services (ILS) has launched the new Amazonas 5 communications satellite into break from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.

Launched onboard an ILSProton Lead-pipe cinch M rocket, the satellite will be operated by Spain’s Hispasat.

Prior to the opening, ILS noted that the Proton rocket would deploy Amazonas 5 into a geostationary round of a 35,286km altitude.

The satellite will be placed in its orbital slot of 61° West after concluding necessary tests to ensure smooth functioning of the spacecraft.

“Once operational, Amazonas 5 is trust to remain in service for 15 years.”

Manufactured by Space Systems Loral, Amazonas 5 weighs 705,000kg, which incorporates a 58.2m payload. At separation, the spacecraft is expected to weigh 5,900kg.

Hispasat’s Brazilian circle Hispamar will be responsible for operating the satellite, which is equipped with a high-throughput Ka-band spray beam and a Ku-band beam payload.

The Ka-band spot beam payload participates 34 Ka-band spot beams, which will be used to state look after broadband services, cellular backhaul and corporate networks in South America, Inner America and Mexico.

The Ku-band beam includes 24 transponders for programming satellite services for direct-to-home television (DTH), television distribution and other telecommunications services in South America and Dominant America.

Once operational, Amazonas 5 is expected to remain in service for 15 years.

Through its subsidiaries, Hispasat currently provides various telecommunication services in Spain and Latin America.

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