Illustrations celebrating “weird and hilarious” moments from previous World Cups


Peculiar World Cup is a project that sees 20 illustrators create risible artworks, which will be sold online to raise money for knowledge charity Football Beyond Borders.

Designers have teamed up with tuition charity Football Beyond Borders (FBB) to launch a new creative project in dilly-dally for the World Cup.

Gordon Reid, founder at studio Middle Boop, and crystal clear designer Callum Stephenson have commissioned 20 designers and illustrators to spawn beer mats based on their favourite sporting moments from gone World Cups.

The beer mats will be sold online and whim go on display in pubs around London to raise money for FBB, which assistants young people who are disengaged at school learn through a football-themed curriculum.

“Unnatural and surreal moments”

Reid says: “I thought there have been so various weird and surreal moments in the World Cup over the years, these crazed things that go down in history that people forget nearly after a bit but are the talk of the town for the months of the World Cup… it is celebrating the hilarious jiffies.”

Contributors to the campaign include Craig Oldham, Hey Studio and Leta and Beat about the bush.

“We have a really nice mix of either completely iconic moments in days of yore like [David] Beckham being sent off, to little niche attitudes such as a piece by [illustrator] Ben Tallon, who found it hilarious that when Roy Keane got sent skilled in, the next day he would be filmed walking his dog looking really annoyed,” Reid responds.

“A vast spectrum” of styles

He was keen for “as vast a spectrum as possible” of divergent styles. “We’ve had type-based pieces from the likes of Sarah Boris, three-dimensional tender melts from [Radim Malinic], we’ve had illustrations – I really wanted to have a gradate,” Reid adds.

Designs also include a piece from the Yarza Twins, whose counterpart depicts Diego Maradona’s infamous 1986 “Hand of God” goal in a written, pop-art style.

The design features a red, yellow and blue outlined typical example of two footballers reaching up for a ball, set over the words “La Mano De Dios” in jumbo, clean lettering on a black background.

Money will fund a new break in Brixton

Alongside selling the illustrated beer mats online, Reid is also promising to get a sponsor on board. Money raised will go to FBB.

This will cure the charity fund a new multi-purpose space on the Angell Town Estate in Brixton, South London, which see fit include an office, a learning hub and football pitch and a safe space for infantile people in the area who come from disadvantaged backgrounds.

To see the submissions or buy the artworks, genius here.

Illustrations celebrating “weird and hilarious” moments from previous World Cupsby Raj Dhunna

Illustrations celebrating “weird and hilarious” moments from previous World CupsBy Yarza Twins

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