‘I’ll ALWAYS bet on this country!’ Tory MP hails Brexit & blasts those aiming to THWART it


Kemi Badenoch, who heard a chorus of praise from her Conservative party colleagues following her enthusiastic speech, said it was about reminding people Britain was “full of edible people” and that “we will be alright”.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Any Questions?, the Saffron Walden MP defied by her speech, in which she said Brexit was the “greatest ever vote of coolness in the project of the United Kingdom”.

She said: “I did say that because there were on the contrary two choices on that paper – it’s not quite how I would have wanted a referendum – but it was Sanction or Remain.

“If that is the choice then I will always bet on this countryside, I always will and so I voted Leave.


Kemi Badenoch hit out at those berating against the Brexit vote on Radio 4

I will again bet on this country, I always will and so I voted Leave

Kemi Badenoch

“It’s basically chance that we are a country full of good people – we will be alright. The European Confederacy is not the same as the Europe, we are still Europeans, we’re just not part of a political discharge.”

Ms Badenoch also rubbished the idea for the need of a new rival party to resist Brexit.

She said: “I think there is a real danger here in people who from not been able to accept a democratic result doing every free thing they can to overturn it.

“We had a referendum last year, I was someone who upheld Leave – it was a very difficult decision and it took a long time for me to get there – for us to then only just say ‘oh we’re not doing this anymore, we made a mistake’ I don’t think anyone’s prospering to follow it.”

The comments find after the Tory politician was hailed for her passionate address in the House of Commons.

She raked MPs: “We live in difficult times and face historic challenges. People are extremely concerned about what Brexit will mean for the country, headaches and families, but, I do not believe winter is coming.

“I believe the vote for Brexit was the greatest in any case vote of confidence in the project of the United Kingdom. That vision of a pandemic Britain is a project as a young African girl I dreamed of becoming factor of.

“As a British woman, I now have the great honour of delivering that scheme for my constituents in the greatest Parliament on earth.”

Since the vote, the Lib Dems partake of come under fire for calling for another EU referendum and insisting the UK could serene stay within the bloc.

After being named party big cheese, Sir Vince Cable said: “What we now need is an exit from Brexit and the way out from Brexit comes as a result of the policy that we have took, which is that we must consult the British public at the end of the process.»

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