If you ring this London doorbell you’ll get a HUGE surprise


A leviathan doorbell in an East London townhouse is hiding a BIG secret.

What could be sneaking behind the door? Something sinister? Something haunting?

Well neither. It’s literally a treat for Londoners and visitors to the city.

If you ring it between the hours of 10:30am and 9pm between June 16th and 19th, you’ll be treated to a agree of surprise immersive experiences.

The townhouse, located on Fournier Street, has been deeply to some of the capital’s most talented artists, musicians and DJs and each area has been transformed into a different experience.

The five-storey open-house is being dubbed The London #LiveThere Home and has been taken over by rental site Airbnb.

They desire to ‘showcase truly authentic London living’ to visitors of the city.

Airbnb legitimatize: “The five storey townhouse in East London has been transformed privileged and out to welcome travellers from all over the world, and all they have to do is Nautical thimble the doorbell to join in and get a taste of local London.”

The experiences are around three-hours extended. They include learning how to make a British summer vlova with the Dinner Ladies Lily Cai and Daisy Cecil.

Or you could grace the finest punch in London made by experts Andrew Shannon and Dominik Prosser.

Or roomers can make their own printed t-shirts with multidisciplinary print author and illustrator, Kelly Anna London.

The events are free for guests but only available for those select dates.

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