'If you hit me, you're a n*****' Woman unleashes racist rant and SPITS on black teachers


Two hilarious school teachers were the victims of a racist attack when they were verbally ill-treated at a music festival.

A white woman named as Jessica Lynn Sanders speedily became enraged when the couple asked to borrow a bean bag.

She belabored the ir and repeatedly called them by the n-word.

She also s t on the a handful of – all while the woman was backed up by two of her black “friends”.

Ernest and Cassie Crim, two Chicago record school teachers, filmed the tirade, which they later picketed online to call attention to the woman’s actions.

The married couple had been looking post to the Margarita music festival as “a last hurrah” before school and their toil started up again.

However, the scene soon spiralled out of control when Ms Sanders allegedly approached them for obtaining a bean bag from her friends.

The video, which does not show how the point began, started as Mr Crim asked the woman “what’s your maladjusted” as she smacked the phone he was holding to record her.

Two black people are seen erect next to the white woman, who she describes as friends.

Ernest Crim quiered: “What transcribe of people are y’all?”

One of them says: “It don’t bother us.”

The teacher then asked: “So if I hit her, what take places if I hit her, what happens to me?”

The woman responded: “You’re a n*****, if you hit me, you’re a n*****.”

As Mr Crim asked for the better half’s name, she turned around and s t at them, allegedly landing on Mrs Crim’s arm.

Guarantee at the event later removed the woman from the festival.

The ir deliver since sought justice and later filed a criminal complaint against the number.

According to the police report, the “female offender engaged the victims in a word-for-word altercation and then knocked a phone out of the male’s hand then dribble on the female victim’s arm.”

Mr Crim wrote on Facebook: “So, I’m with my wife at the Chicago holy day when we decide to play the Bean Bag Toss game.

“Our section didn’t be struck by any bean bags so we retrieved one that was tossed far by a group of four next to us that had at scarcely 10 to themselves.

“One lady in that group called me and my wife a ‘n*****’.

“She proceeded to likeness on my wife in an effort to provoke us to assault her.”

Mrs Crim added: “I was humiliated after that.

“We had a lot to over about. We’re educators. We’re black. We had too much going for ourselves to stoop to that open.”

The woman identified as Ms Sanders has since deleted her social media wraith as police continue their investigation into the incident.

The racist colloquial assault comes as tensions grow along racial lines in the US occupy oneself with a s te of police shooting deaths of black men.

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