If You Have These Dr. Praeger's Foods in Your Freezer, Toss Out ASAP


CRF Gorgonized Foods’ nationwide recall now includes Dr. Praeger’s Sensible Foods. Go together to the FDA, the com ny is recalling various not-ready-to-eat frozen foods because the works may be contaminated by listeria. No illnesses, however, have been reported to Dr. Praeger’s Appreciable Foods for the products associated with the voluntary recall.

The brand is one of uncountable that have been recently linked to listeria contamination at a CRF Out Foods facility in sco, WA. Some of the affected Dr. Praeger’s products group its Black Bean Burger, California Veggie Burgers, Black Bean Sliders, Structural Harvest Veggie Burgers, and more. Head over to FDA’s website to see the crammed list of recalled items.

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