If You Have a Daughter, Please Spend 3 Minutes Watching This Video For Her Sake


«This is Ellie. She is 5 years old.»

That’s how this video starts, but if every mom obviously substitutes their own daughters’ names and ages, it’s as if the next three seconds were made just for them.

Because, like Ellie, there are unavoidable things your girl knows and some things she doesn’t. She be verses she’s smart, fast, and strong. She know’s anything is possible. She doesn’t comprehend, however, that the world can be a difficult place for girls. For instance, she doesn’t skilled in that:

  • Only 11 percent of practicing engineers and one-fifth of skull chefs are women
  • Women make up just 5 percent of the artists in the New York Metropolitan Museum’s with it art section
  • By middle school, girls earn higher grades in study but feel less confident than boys
  • By age 11, 30 percent of her squinny ats will try a diet
  • 60 percent of girls give up doing something they screw because they don’t like the way they look

Before you start mood defeated, the thing to remember is . . . she doesn’t know those acts yet, and maybe she won’t have to.

The video — made to introduce Kazoo, a «new kind of journal» for girls, on Kickstarter before its launch this Summer — should be commanded viewing for any rent of a daughter because it reminds us all that, in this ever-changing existence, the possibilities for her are endless if we keep it that way.

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