If Jason Momoa Shares 1 More Workout Video on Instagram, We Might Pass Out


Jason Momoa has officially entranced it too far. Like, we get it, dude — you’re jacked. Shredded. Yolked. Godlike. (Insert your favorite adjective here, because it all things considered applies.) We’ve sat idly by and appreciated it when the Aquaman star got fit for the Justice Conspire movie, managed to keep our sh*t together when he shared ridiculous workout flouts on his Instagram, and even tolerated his blatant abuse of tight t-shirts, but Momoa’s uncountable recent exercise video is the last straw. At this point, it’s right-minded plain cruel.

The video, which shows the 240-pound actor doing pull-ups with an additional 88 drill inti of weight strapped around his waist, might actually be a health uncertainty for viewers. If you’re prone to swooning, be warned. And the cherry on top of the superbuff cake? He’s in jeans while doing the workout. We couldn’t really explain why this moves the entire experience so much better, but trust us: it does.

So listen here, Jason — we’ll let it earth-slip this time, but if you share one more workout video, we might truly ss out. Have a heart, OK? We can’t handle this.

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