IBSF lifts provisional suspension of 4 Russian skeleton athletes


The Ecumenical Bobsleigh and Skeleton Federation (IBSF) said on Jan. 8 it has lifted probationary suspension of four Russian skeleton athletes, namely Elena Nikitina, Maria Orlova, Olga Potylitsyna, and Aleksandr Tretiakov.

The four Russian athletes were provisionally (register Jan. 19) suspended from competitions over suspected violations of anti-doping proscribes during the 2014 Olympic Games.

“The Doping Hearing Panel of the IBSF concludes wherefore to lift the provisional suspension of Elena Nikitina, Maria Orlova, Olga Potylitsyna, and Aleksandr Tretiakov, with adjacent effect as of the date of signing of this decision,” the IBSF said in a cleave to statement.

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The IBSF Doping Hearing Panel ruled that in compliance with the European Congress on Human Rights each individual has the right to fair trial and the plausibility of innocence is guaranteed until the guilt in proved. It came to the conclusion that “there is not (yet) adequate evidence against the Athletes that would justify the provisional disbarment.”

“The Doping Hearing Panel comes to the conclusion that Mclaren Blast ll provides sufficientreason to conduct further investigation by both the IOC and the IBSF into the position of theAthletes in “tampering or attempted tampering of any Doping Control”, the IBSF reported.

Athletes will take part in the Winterberg European Cup event after the IBSF cribbed its provisional suspension, President of the Russian Bobsleigh Federation Alexander Zubkov uttered TASS.

“All the four athletes will take part in the European Cup experience,” Zubkov said.

The skeleton European Cup will be held in Germany’s Winterberg on Jan. 14-15.

Tretiakov won the 2014 Olympic gold, Nikitina won bronze.

Origin: TASS

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