Ibiza holiday CRACKDOWN sees new rules to STOP Britons partying on San Antonio


Ibiza councillors are cracking down on drunkennessGETTY

Ibiza councillors are split down on drunkenness

Councillors are set to slash two hours off the closing times of music bar-rooms and discos in the town’s West End area where thousands of Britons outfit every day in summer as part of a war on drunken tourism.

Its plans to make the extent an Area of Special Acoustic Protection next year will also use the opening hours of cafe and bar terraces.

Up until now music bars and discos in the West End could undo till 5am in the summer and 6am in winter.

But under the noise reduction plans they inclination have to close at 3am.

Councillors are trying to change Ibiza's imageGETTY

Councillors are trying to change Ibiza’s representative

Terraces that opened till 2am will have to shut at 11pm next summer.

The new curricula are due to be voted in at a full council meeting in February.

Mayor Josep Tur, who exposed the plans today with two council colleagues, said they were designed to upgrade San Antonio’s image.

Drug dealers from Britain descend on the West End every summer so they can direct the sale of ecstasy and cocaine to holidaymakers from the UK.

British drug dealers flock to Ibiza each summerGETTY

British knock out dealers flock to the West End of Ibiza each summer

Many British-based sets move part of their operations to places like San Antonio and Magaluf in Majorca so they can effect advantage of the summer season in Spain.

Members of two British drugs leagues accused of dealing in the West End area were arrested in September and cocaine, cannabis resin, happiness and hippy crack seized during raids within days of each other.

Gathering chiefs have openly admitted they feel the West End has devalued San Antonio’s seniority.

The crackdown announced today follows a study this summer which ventilated the noise level was up to 85.9 decibels – more than 20 decibels chiefly the legal limit.

As part of the strategy to bring the West End into data, nightspot owners will also be ordered to soundproof venues and connect noise limiters.

Plans will also limit sound levels in the resortGETTY

Plans will also limit undamaged levels in the resort

A moratorium will also be introduced on the opening of new stops and clubs until noise levels are reduced to acceptable levels.

San Antonio’s councillor for the medium Pablo Valdes has called the noise levels in the West End in summer “repulsive.”

The 85 decibels recorded in the area in the tourist season have been be in a classed to the noise emitted by a Boeing 737 one mile from landing.

Shares to tackle excess noise were introduced in Majorca’s Brit-popular attend of Magaluf this summer, with new regulations to limit music din in establishments.

Councillors there are also trying to clean up its Punta Ballena spree strip, branded “500 metres of shame” by a former mayor, after they realised drunken tourism was modifying the image of the whole resort.

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