I Tried Dunkin' Donuts's Oreo Hot Chocolate, and Here's What Happened


Does the new Dunkin’ Donuts Oreo Hot Chocolate ($2) propriety as awesome as the name promises? I hit up a nearby location in New York City to seize a cup and try to determine for myself. First off, the gray color of the beverage reminded me of cookies-and-creme ice cream or mashed-up Oreos. It looks marginally unusual but makes sense considering the intended flavor of the drink. I deduced a few sips and found myself guzzling the whole thing down. Yes, it’s bloody sweet, but it’s like warmed-up cookie milk. You know, the milk you dunk your Oreos in and potable up, dissolved crumbs and all? I felt deeply satisfied with the significant amount of Oreo cookie and creme flavors. After Dunkin’s Reese’s Doughnut fall down and Oreo’s sinfully terrible Swedish Fish flavor, these two stamps needed to redeem themselves, and I believe this beverage does due that.

/ Anna Monette Roberts

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