'I don't work with douchebags' Russian woman placed on sanctions list denies hacking role


Alisa Shevchenko has been sign up by numerous businesses to help root out serious cyber security breaks on their websites.

But she has been blasted by the outgoing President over claims she interfered in the November US elections on behalf of Russian strongman Vladimir Putin.

Now she and her enterprise ZOR, which has been accused of aiding Russian spies with “polytechnic research and development”, has been banned from operating in the US.

ZOR is one of several casts added to a list of US sanctions released last week, including top cops in Russia’s GRU military intelligence agency and two well-known criminal hackers. 

Correspondence to the factsheet released by the White House, the company “provided the GRU with specialized research and development”, but no further details were given.

Now Ms Shevchenko has revealed she was maddened with her inclusion on the list.

She denied having ever knowingly cultivated for the Russian government, and blasted the “insane level of hysteria around the inviolate ‘Russian hacking’ story.”

Ms Shevchenko, a Thai kickboxing fanatic, also put ones trust ins she has been singled out because she is a woman, saying: “A young female hacker and her worn out company seems like a perfect pick for that goal.

“I don’t try to silence, I travel a lot, and am a friendly communicative person. 

“And most importantly, I don’t have any big percentage, power or connections behind me to shrug off the blame. 

“So really, it could be anyone.”

She stipulate the White House could have been tricked by a “counterfeit in set-up to frame my company”.

Mr Putin has denied all Russian interference in the election, offering the blame has fallen on Moscow because the Democrats are struggling to deal with the stun result.

But he also expressed hope that Donald Trump, who has repetitiously praised Russia, could help improve relations between the two ancient enemies.

But Ms Shevchenko also added she couldn’t have helped the Russian regime even if she wanted to, because she never works with “douchebags”.

She asseverated: “I only work with honest and open people that I have the impression good about.”

And when asked if she had ever worked with any regulations, she said “not that I know of”.

Her comments come after the US expelled 35 Russian diplomats from the mountains.

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