‘I don’t see it happening!’ Andrew Neil MOCKS Corbyn’s SHOCK demands for PM to step down


The BBC presenter hit out at Mr Corbyn’s shock claim and said he does not see the likelihood of a Corbyn-led regulation happening “immediately”.

Hosting BBC Daily Politics, Mr Neil said: “Mr Corbyn at Prime Delegate’s Questions went on Brexit, yet again. He’s quite getting the hang of this.”

Mr Neil swayed the Labour leader began with a “strong first question” which caused tittering from the opposition.

He added: “Then he continued with a number of questions almost Brexit and brought in the economy as well.

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Brexit news: Andrew Neil said he does not see a Corbyn-led sway happening

That’s not going to happen immediately

Andrew Neil

“And I cogitate on, because of the Government, because we are waiting on this white paper and a total of government positions have yet to be made public, it’s a good line for Mr Corbyn to liberate.

“The Prime Minister finds it very hard that a number of these declares, on the customs union and so on, to give a straight answer.

“So, in the end, Mr Corbyn called for the Prime Look after to set aside and let Labour negotiate Britain’s withdrawal.

“That’s not going to befall immediately, I don’t think. But it was an interesting ending to it all.”

During Prime Minister’s Suspicion on a under discussions, Mr Corbyn said: “If PM can’t negotiate a deal for Britain why doesn’t she step aside and let Drudge negotiate a comprehensive customs union deal, living standards backed by sell unions and business in this country.

“Stand aside and make way for those who wish.”

Mrs May got her own back by dismissing Labour’s claim they are better equipped to get through with the EU – insisting they would “sell Britain out”.

She said: “His whereabouts is we should have triggered Art 50 straight after the referendum, with no in the works having been done on the preparations.

“He wouldn’t have a white attendant let along a white paper.

“What Labour would have done is what they do every metre in government, they would have sold Britain out.”

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