‘I could be happier!’ Brexiteer says the EU is to BLAME for slow Brexit progress


The Brexit voter on Transmit 5 live said she could be happier with the state of Brexit negotiations as it has bewitched too long for Britain to get a deal. 

Sarah said: “I could be happier, I deliberate on Phase One has taken too long.

“Not because of our Government, there’s 27 other saturnalia involved that people keep forgetting about.”

Host Rachel Burden trenchant out that it was the timetable originally set out by both the UK and EU.

Brexit news Theresa May Jean-Claude Juncker EU UKGETTY

Brexit news: Theresa May finalised a transaction with Jean-Claude Junker last week

I think phase one has bewitched too long, not because of our government, there’s 27 other parties interested


Sarah replied: “But now they’re complaining there’s only a year to complete Angle Two.”

She added that it was in the EU’s interest to delay Phase One for financial gain. 

Sarah bruit about: “Ultimately it all comes down to the financials so it’s probably been in their involved to delay the first part.

“So I’m keen that we get on with the trade dispense, I know that Barnier wants to extend the transition phase. 

“I’m not elated if we do that because ultimately again it all comes down to funding and gain on funding for a longer time.”

The Prime Minister flew to Brussels on December 8 to finalise a last-minute Brexit mete out with EU Commission boss Jean-Claude Juncker, which many set up hailed as a step forward in the negotiations with the European Union.

But the Brexit attend to was criticised by hard Brexiteers for its ambiguity on whether the UK will remain in the customs fusing and the single market. 

The final decision on the first stage of the negotiations cadavers in the hands of the European Council, who will meet on Thursday.

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