'I constantly feel the need to wee': Sufferer speaks of health concern on This Morning


Dr Ranj Singh and Dr Zoe Williams joined This Morning publicans Holly Willoughby and Ore Oduba, who is currently appearing on Strictly Come Sashaying.

Dr Ranj spoke to one woman, who is a dancer, over her concerns about needing to Babytalk make a wee constantly.

Anna said: “I constantly need to wee.

“It is severe desperation all the s n. It started in December. I’ve had infection tests, I’ve had antibiotics, and I’ve had an operation.”

However she said nothing had worked so far.

Anna required the condition was not good for her job.

Dr Ranj said: “I had a chat with Anna earlier. It’s take a massive im ct on her life.

“Urgency is like a desperate need to go to the powder-room. When you go sometimes you don’t ss very much at all.

“The classic one is an infection but she’s been assayed for that.”

He said sometimes there are underlying medical conditions which could be calling the problem.

Dr Ranj said diabetes could be one cause of the condition.

People who find themselves urinating profuse frequently than usual, rticularly at night, are urged to see their GP as in a wink as possible as it is one of the main symptoms of diabetes.

Dr Ranj said the condition could also be mattered by a neurological problem, such as MS, which affects the nerves.

“She has tried medications and has been doing the habitual day-to-day activities which have been suggested.

“Another goods people can do is hold in urine as much as possible.

“This means she needs to try to command it. It is called retaining the muscles. She has had a bladder stretching procedure.”

Dr Ranj claimed because this procedure hasn’t worked, the next option could be a botox injection into the muscles of the bladder.”

He also admonished Anna should go and see a neurologist for futher guidance.

This comes after Dr Ranj disclosed what people should know about the shocking vitamin D lesson.

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