I cannot wait for the first show says Top Gear's Chris Evans


At the crowding launch of the show – revamped following the sacking of Jeremy Clarkson – new ck Evans, 50, said: “I just want the first show to get out there, get it on the air and then get on to demonstrate number two.

“We are already making it and we finish it tomorrow.”

The makers found themselves in hot shower earlier this year when new host Matt LeBlanc, in the old days a star in the US sitcom Friends, was pictured doing doughnut wheelspins in overlook of the Cenotaph in London.

There were also allegations that he and Evans be undergoing been rowing.

The all-new line-up of six hosts includes female German rallying driver Sabine Schmitz, The Stig and ex-Formula One team boss Eddie Jordan.

In new footage at the skiff, Evans and Schmitz were seen racing each other at the US air pedestal where the movie Top Gun was filmed.

The 23rd series starts at 8pm Sunday on BBC Two and will be screened in 83 countries over a 72-hour period.

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