'I am outraged' Steve Coogan wades into 'disrespectful' Top Gear Cenotaph fiasco


During the clown’s appearance on Alan Carr: Chatty Man, Matt LeBlanc’s ‘donuts’ were conveyed into conversation, after the Friends star was seen spinning a show offs car around the London memorial last weekend.

“I am outraged. Outraged,” Steve barked. Although, in his typically mocking tone, he admitted he was joking.

“Yeah that’s it. I mean there is a stress relevant to it but I think people do like to get… I mean, the British especially, we do homologous to to get really angry about things, don’t we?

“It was probably inappropriate but I think in the flesh love to go, ‘How dare you?’ A lot of finger waggers, aren’t we?”

Steve also addressed the news that he’d been lined up to replace Jeremy Clarkson and co. in the revamped Top Ap ratus.

“They mentioned me and I have been on three times,” Steve detailed. “In fact, when I’m abroad I get recognised, not for Alan rtridge, but for clothing been on Top Gear three times. That is my claim to fame!

“They did call me but I’m not sure I would be very good at that.

“You know, they perpetually say it’s better to say, ‘Why wasn’t he a presenter on Top Gear’ than, ‘Why was he a presenter on Top Adjust?’ Think about that. It’s quite wise.”

Top Gear has sent into its biggest controversy yet, before Chris Evans and his team cause even made it on to TV screens.

Matt’s Episodes co-star, Stephen Mangan equivocated into the row during today’s Good Morning Britain to confirm he had oral to the US star since the “disrespectful” images were made public on Monday.

“I’m not growing to speak for him because it’s up to him,” he said. “From what I get the drift, the stunt was done with the full backing and support of Westminster County Caucus and the police.

“An awful lot of hysteria has been whipped up by the BBC’s commercial rivals, as far as I can see!”

When herd Susanna Reid asked him if he can understand the reaction, he added: “I over it was naive of the producers to do that and I understand of course that the war dead ought to be respected. But a man is driving a car down a street.

“If the pers showed as much hysteria in wars going on right now and people actually dying as we speak, degree than a man driving a car, then I’d understand the position a bit more.”

Alan Carr: Chatty Man appearances on Channel 4 tonight at 10pm.

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