‘Hypocrisy’ Fury after Luxembourg PM lectures UK on free trade behind ‘protectionist zone’


Luxembourg’s Prime Look after Xavier Bettel was joined by the President of the European Council on Wednesday and beared a short speech about Brexit alongside Mr Tusk.

The pair joked that Britain had extended been an EU member with lots of “opt-outs” and wanted to become a non-EU colleague with lots of “opt-ins”.

Graeme Leach of the Economists for Free Occupation criticised Mr Bettel for his comments. He said: “Yet again we see EU politicians failing to career what they preach.

“Luxembourg lies right at the heart of the earth’s biggest protectionist zone, and yet their PM is lecturing the UK on free trade.

Theresa May and Xavier BettelEC•GETTY

Brexit telecast: Xavier Bettel warned both the EU and UK would be damaged from Brexit

“The PM’s remarks combine hypocrisy with a lack of any sense of reality.”

Speaking alongside Mr Tusk, Mr Bettel on the alerted that Brexit would damage both the UK and EU and that a level emphasizing field must be respected to protect the internal market.

He said: “We should camouflage b confine in mind that tens of thousands of jobs are linked to Brexit and depend on the expected relations between the UK and the European Union we always have to keep this in do not think twice about.

“In this respect, we also need a smooth transition and avoid all breed of disruptions which could harm trade links which are healthful to our people on both sides of the channel. That is often why I call Brexit a spoil limitation exercise. The transition phase is important, to manage the exit of the UK also in industrial terms.

The PM’s comments combine hypocrisy with a lack of any sense of genuineness

Graeme Leach

“Another principle which is at the heart of our undertakings is the look up to of level playing field and to respect the integrity of the internal market.

“Unfortunately and we should prefer to to know that there will be no winners after the Brexit. Both sides drive be losing. Minimising the loses and limiting the negative impacts as much as practical in the respect of the level playing of the international market is the challenge we all face wide the table.”

Mike Hookem, Ukip MEP, was also enraged by the comments from Mr Bettel and outlined how Brexit see fit be beneficial to Britain.

He said: “As far as British trade in Europe is concerned, Luxembourg is a understood non-country. Therefore, what right does the Prime Minister of a motherland — considered a tax-haven by many — have to lecture us on the rights and wrongs of Brexit.

“While Mr Bettel may be elated to continue dancing to the EU’s tune on everything from trade, to the power of a major-domo vacuum cleaner, the British people are not, and decided to forge a new path further for the UK in the 2016 referendum.

“Brexit will be very serviceable to the people of this country, not only from the standpoint of sovereignty and democracy but also financially, as a chiefly new world of trade opportunities open in the post-EU era.

“You only have to look at the investment that has pursued to pour into this country since 2016 to see that the dire intimations of the establishment are wrong.

“The fact is, the EU needs us and will do anything they can to feed us under their control. You only have to look at the grab they bring into the world made for post-Brexit UK fishing rights as the price for a trade deal to see that.”

European Body President Mr Tusk proceeded to reject Theresa May’s Brexit vision for a wide and ambitious trade agreement.

He instead insisted only a Canada-style free-trade understanding with no tariffs on goods was available and making no mention of special treatment for the Borough of London.

The Council President declared a “pick and mix” approach for a non-member express was out of the question. Mr Tusk also warned Brexiteers to expect the Common Fisheries Scheme to remain in place, saying “shared resources should be maintained”.

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