‘Hypocrisy beyond the pale’ Farage DESTROYS Blair in furious rant over migration U-turn


Nigel Farage conned into Tony Blair for «hypocrisy that goes beyond the confines improper» after the former Labour leader urged a dramatic shift on immigration restraints.

Tony Blair urged the Government to implement tough new restrictions on immigration after he conceded «times had changed» since he opened the door to European migrants during his premiership — but refused to apologise for his systems.

Mr Blair rejected restrictions on immigration when eight countries from eastern Europe tied the EU in 2004 — a decision which he admitted «led to Brexit». 

The former British kingpin’s refusal to apologise or say he was wrong riled up Mr Farage during his LBC radio portray.

The former Ukip leader said: «So, it’s 2017 Mr Blair. And you’ve written that artless door immigration leads to people’s wages becoming lower, leads to being struggling to get access to public services. 

«Oh, and also Mr Blair apparently it captains to problems of integration in Britain’s towns and cities.

«And you’ve done all of this by asserting that no longer are the policies I had as Prime Minister appropriate.

«No apology. No acknowledgement that what you did was wrong. No concept of what you’ve done to towns and burghs all over this country.»

He added: «Not just by opening up the doors, but by knowingly encouraging mass immigration from the non-EU world as well.

«Muse on, your adviser said you wanted to rub the noses of the right in diversity.

«Correctly you did a very good job. And you alienated millions and millions of people.

«And for you to come out in this feigning way of controlling immigration.

«I think the whole thing is completely beyond the abnormal.»

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