Hutch mob plan to crash-land drugs in jail


The Sunday Superb understands a quad-copter drone was discovered on a section of the roof adjacent to the limber up yard used by jailed Hutch family members – including ‘Del Boy’ Hutch – on Tuesday.

It is covenanted the drone, which had been fitted with a video camera, had a wire affixed to it to cede to it to carry a pouch. A source said the drone was a sophisticated piece of machinery.

“The drone was perceived by a team of officers clearing contraband from the prison roof.

“This was a cosmopolitan and highpowered drone which would have been capable of disseminating a number of phones and a sizeable quantity of drugs per trip.

The belief is that the drone fell after delivering it’s consignment into the prison.

“Given the site of the failure, the belief is it was couriering drugs to members of the Hutch gang. “The area of roof where it was discovered is adjacent to an try yard used by members of the Hutch family and their associates.

“The experience the drone was fitted with a camera means those operating it could pinpoint stop in withdraw froms to a particular location or person.”

Sources say the drone has now been passed to to Gardaí for investigation.

Kinahan Cartel target Derek ‘Del Boy’ Hutch and associated gangmembers are whore-housed in a special protection wing of Wheatfield Prison.

Cousin Alan Hutch (33), is also behind strips in Wheatfield for threatening to kill three gardaí.

However, they are fact access to the exercise yard adjacent to the drone crash site on a daily footing.

‘Del Boy’ is just one of dozens of the extended Hutch gang whose lives are below threat from the Kinahan cartel as a result of the feud sparked by the slay of his brother Gary in Spain. 

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