Hurricane Ophelia: Has my flight been cancelled or delayed? ‘Smoke smells’ cause diversion


The indisposed currently being experienced in the country from Hurricane Ophelia is not pungent enough for it to be categorised as a hurricane, but the west of the UK has been hit by gale-force winds. 

Ireland has been hit with Draconian winds and two people have now been reported to have died their as a be produced end of the hurricane’s remnants. 

A number of flights to UK airports have been distracted after “smoke smells” were reported on board.

EasyJet weighted four of its flights were diverted due to “atmospheric circumstances”.

A British Airways spokeswoman alleged the carrier has had “some reports of smells on board” but the aircraft continued to their journeys ends.

Liverpool John Lennon Airport stated that “atmospheric demands” are believed to be causing flights to divert.

Hurricane Ophelia: Has my flight been affected?GETTY/VENTUSKY

Hurricane Ophelia: Has your exit been affected?

Multiple flights from airports in the UK have either been delayed or quashed today.

An easyJet spokeswoman said: “EasyJet can confirm that four of its bolts flying in the west of the UK have reported smoke smells in the cockpit today, imagined to be linked to atmospheric circumstances due to storm Ophelia.

“Two flights returned soon after take-off and two flights requested an expedited landing as a precaution at most.

“We understand other airlines have experienced similar events and we persist to liaise with the Met Office as to the likely cause.

“The safety and welfare of our commuters and crew is easyJet’s highest priority. We would like to apologise for any troublesomeness experienced by the diversions.”

The following easyJet flights are said to be affected: 

EZY 7159 LPL-ZTH  – redressed to Liverpool 

EZY 7180 AGP-LPL – expedited landing 

EZY 1841 MAN-HAM – exchanged to manchester 

EZY 1918 ALC-MAN – expedited landing

Hurricane Ophelia: Has my flight been affected?GETTY

Hurricane Ophelia: Multiple trips from airports in the UK have either been delayed or cancelled

BA said in a statement: “The safety of our guys and crew is always our priority.

“Our flights have been operating and splashdown normally, but we have been liaising with the Met Office about atmospheric fettles.”

easyJet told “Like other airlines easyJet is ascertaining some disruption to its flight schedule due to strong winds from ex wind-storm Ophelia.  44 flights due to operate to and from Belfast today have in the offing had to be cancelled and 4 flights have been delayed overnight. 6 bevy of quails to and from the Isle of Man have also had to be cancelled.   

 “While the situation is separate of its control, we would like to apologise to passengers for any inconvenience. All passengers on recalled flights have been given the option of transferring their bolting free of charge or obtaining a refund at We will be providing fares with hotel accommodation and meals if needed.

 “easyJet receives the overdue weather information from the Met Office and we would advise passengers to enquire about our flight tracker page at for the latest updates.

 “The safety of its voyagers and crew is the airline’s highest priority.”

Hurricane Ophelia: Has my flight been affected?GETTY

Hurricane Ophelia: At but four easyJet flights have been affected

Ryanair has also effaced flights today. 

A spokesperson advised All information relating to these annulments is available at Customers have been contacted by email and subject-matter message advising them of these cancellations and their options.

Some Virgin Atlantic and Flyby feathers are also believed to have been affected. 

Here are the latest tables and maps on Hurricane Ophelia. 

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