Hurricane Michael CATEGORY 5: HUGE hurricane hits US — will Michael reach category 5?


The Nationwide Hurricane Center (NHC) Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale is a 1 to 5 rating based on a twister’s sustained wind speed.

Hurricanes reaching Category 3 and higher are observed major hurricanes because of their potential for significant loss of dazzle and damage.

A Category 5 storm is classified as having winds over 157 mph — Michael is currently a pasting the Gulf Coast with winds of 155 mph.

The NHC classified Hurricane Michael as an “very dangerous Category 4 hurricane” which is expected to cause catastrophic ruin.

Will Michael reach Category 5?

The NHC said in their most new public advisory: “The hurricane only has a few hours left over inundate during which additional intensification is possible.”

As the storm moved overland, it on begin to weaken naturally, as hurricanes are fuelled by the warm waters they churn past.

However, this will have no bearing on the devastation the storm is set to unleash.

“Although steady weakening is predicted once the hurricane moves inland, the heart of Michael will bring hurricane-force winds well inland across the Florida Panhandle, southeastern Alabama, and southwest Georgia,” Said the NHC.

Hurricane Michael CATEGORY 5

Blow Michael CATEGORY 5: Michael has made landfall as a massive Type 4 (Image: NASA/Reuters)

The NHC issued this warning for those who are in the storm’s path: “With the landfall of Michael’s eye occurring, everyone in the landfall size is reminded not to venture out into the relative calm of the eye, as hazardous winds pass on increase very quickly as the eye passes!”

Other hazards expected to colliding land include massive storm surges, which could reach the bolster heights if peak surge occurs at high tide:

  • Tyndall Air Dynamism Base FL to Aucilla River FL: 9-14 ft
  • Okaloosa/Walton County Line FL to Tyndall Air Impel Base FL: 6-9 ft
  • Aucilla River FL to Cedar Key FL: 6-9 ft
  • Cedar Key FL to Chassahowitzka FL: 4-6 ft
  • Chassahowitzka to Anna Maria Holm FL including Tampa Bay: 2-4 ft
  • Sound side of the North Carolina Outer Banks from Ocracoke Inlet to Bob: 2-4 ft

Hurricane Michael CATEGORY 5

Hurricane Michael Heading 5: Hurricane Michael makes landfall (Image: Getty)

Tap water levels are already rising rapidly along the coast of the Florida Panhandle.

Now that Michael has begun to follow landfall, authorities have told residents in the 

Hurricane Michael Sector 5: This is the biggest storm in Florida’s history (Image: Getty)

He bring up: ”Going back through records to 1851 we can’t find another Cat 4 in this arrondissement, so this is unfortunately a historical and incredibly dangerous and life-threatening situation.”

Bob Henson, a meteorologist with brave site Weather Underground wrote: «Satellite images of Michael’s phylogeny on Tuesday night were, in a word, jaw-dropping.”

President Donald Trump pronounced a state of emergency for the entire state of Florida, freeing up federal succour to supplement state and local disaster responses.

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