Hurricane Irma news reporter suffers EXCRUCIATING blunder live on air — watch here


Tom Donkin was due to endowment the 2am bulletin yesterday but was instead caught up in an awkward gaffe. 

A slight bit of camera mixing at the beginning of the broadcast left the journalist running across the studio to what he solicitude recollections was the chosen position. 

However, the camera had settled on one place which rivaled Tom 12 seconds to realise. 

BBC World NewsBBC

Tom Donkin was left constant across the studio to find his camera

BBC World NewsBBC

Viewers could see the realisation on Tom’s over on his third attempt at locating a camera

The anchor soon returned on process, only to face the completely wrong way. 

But it was third time lucky for Tom who worked out which camera was current as he began to inform viewers of the latest Hurricane Irma updates. 

Viewers took to public media to comment on the gaffe with one posting: «Wonderful car crash gap to BBC World News just now. Pick a camera, any camera.»

However, Tom, a BBC World journalist of nine years didn’t let the howler bother him. 

He replied to one Twitter user: «Thanks for tuning in apart fem some haywire cameras and demolished guest — all went swimmingly!»

He added to another: «Thanks for tuning in — remorseful for the wayward cameras.»

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