Hurricane Florence: WATCH first footage of TERRIFYING damage in North Carolina


A video promulgated on Twitter by North Carolina resident Jeff Gammons shows as a gifts surrounded by water as Hurricane Florence begins to cause significant wound on the US East Coast.

The latest predictions have the hurricane landing off the seashore, pushing strong winds and heavy rains into North Carolina.

Florence has barely ripped through the area close to Bermuda, where it triggered eloquent storm swells and rip tides which posed a threat to life as they hit the sea-coast.

Now residents of North Carolina have begun seeing flash dbѓcling as over a foot of rain has been forecasted to fall over the style.


Wind-storm Florence: Houses in North Carolina hit by a huge storm surge (Icon: TWITTER)

North Carolina, my message is clear: Disaster is at the doorstep, and it’s obtaining in

Roy Cooper

Hurricane Florence has been downgraded to a Category 2 hurricane energize maximum sustained winds of 105mph but still remains a massive menace to lives and property.

NOAA’s latest advisory also reports of a tornado forewarning as the weather system is approaching land: “A few tornadoes are possible in eastern North Carolina during Friday,” the report told.

The centre of the extremely dangerous storm is currently established about 130 miles east-southeast of Wilmington, North California and 185 miles east of Myrtle Littoral, South Carolina.

NOAA’s most recent report said: “On the foresight track, the centre of Florence will approach the coasts of North and South Carolina later today.”

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper sent a get under way warning to residents and said: “North Carolina, my message is clear: Misfortune is at the doorstep, and it’s coming in.

“You could be putting your life and the lives of earliest responders in danger.

“If you are under an evacuation order and you haven’t left, the pro tempore to leave is now.”

The official noted that up to one million residents in North Carolina possess been told to evacuate, and stressed that it is not too late to leave now.

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